Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Big News.

Over the last seven years a small team has spent their efforts bringing to life a number of Cornish traditions. These efforts were based on extensive research into these traditions over an equally lengthy period. The traditions have included; The Penzance May Horns. The fire traditions of Midsummer/Golowan. Guldize - The Cornish harvest feast. Allantide - The Cornish version of Halloween. Candlemas - Based on traditions found in West Cornwall. Guise dancing and the Cornish Traditions of Midwinter and our latest project "The Corn-Market Revellers" the revival of a notorious group found in Penzance in the 19th Century soon to be joined by other groups. We have also engaged in smaller projects recreating traditions as "Paul Pitcher Night" where every 24th of January Cornish people would smash pitchers and of course St Piran's day which we held at Newlyn. With each event we have provided workshops to encourage people to learn old skills associated with these customs from making May sycamore whistles to creating elaborate costumes. From 2008 we have run the website cornishculture.co.uk which is now the largest source online concerning Cornish Culture. Over 1/2 million people have now visited the site. From 2014 this site has been supported by a twitter account (with nearly 2000 followers), a facebook page, a youtube channel and an android app. A few months back we decided that all this needed to be protected and supported. We are therefore pleased to announce that from the first of September all of this will become the "Cornish Culture Association" a formal charitable association. With this new move we have decided to take on a workspace/office which will become available in late August and known as the Cornish Culture Resource Centre it is designed for use of members of the association and others to use. We have also created a "costume" library and other resources for use by the public and our members. Membership of the association will be open to all subject to a small fee - News of how to join coming soon.

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